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Updated September 7 , 2018

The Simcoe County Honduras Rights monitor will be launching a federal government e-petition shortly. The petition will be based on our Springwater Township Council Resolution in support of our work to free Edwin Espinal and the remaining political prisoners in Honduras.

 Springwater Council Letter to the Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor Committee

Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor & Spring family, Elmvale thank local family owned company Datamax  for donating this billboard in support of release of family member and human rights defender Edwin Espinal, spouse of Karen Spring, imprisoned in Honduras!

Billboard located on County Road 90 in Barrie Ontario,  Canada.


August 10, 2018
Political prisoners Edwin and Raúl send messages from jail!
Honduran political prisoners Edwin Espinal and Raúl Alvarez, criminalized on trumped up charges related to protests against election fraud, have been in jail for nearly seven months. This week, from inside the La Tolva maximum security prison, they wrote open letters with messages of hope, thanks, and commitment to the struggle.

Here are their messages:

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In this video below , Dr. Janet Spring of the Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor, presents the case for the immediate release of the political prisoners in Honduras.

“If Canada makes a statement regarding the release of a political prisoner in Saudi Arabia, it must do so for Edwin Espinal in Honduras, who is a very loved member of the Spring family of Elmvale, Ontario.” (Janet Spring, mother-in-law of Edwin Espinal, political prisoner in a Honduran maximum-security military jail)

Free Edwin Espinal Now

Press Release: For immediate release

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, August 10, 2018


Contact: Dr. Janet Spring at: or +504 9637-6056


The Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor is calling on the Canadian government to apply the same standards and expectations to human rights violations in Honduras as it is does regarding Saudi Arabia. “It has been six months since we first urgently appealed to Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau to help our family member Edwin Espinal and other political prisoners incarcerated in atrocious conditions in Honduras,” said Janet Spring of Elmvale Ontario, in a statement today from Tegucigalpa.

“We consider it hypocrisy for Canada to ignore the desperate pleas coming from our family and from our rural community, for whose unwavering support we are so grateful. It’s time for Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Freeland to make clear that Canada will cease political and financial support for the corrupt Hernandez government, until prisoners are allowed basic human rights in the legal process and their treatment meets basic civilized norms. Those prisoners like Edwin who have been arrested for political reasons must be released and all charges dropped.”

Edwin has been incarcerated for over six months and has suffered greatly. Edwin and Raul have lost at least 35 pound due to lack of proper nutrition. The sanitation standards in the maximum-security prison are deplorable due to the lack of clean and sufficient water. Prisoners have access to water for only 5 minutes per day. Unflushed toilets, lack of fresh air, and insect infestation exacerbate sanitation levels as documented by the Canadian Ambassador to Honduras’ office staff after they visited Edwin in July.

Prime Minister Trudeau recently remarked on Canada’s stand on human rights abuses, “Canadians have always expected our government to speak strongly, firmly, clearly and politely about the need to respect human rights at home and around the world. We will continue to do that, we will continue to stand up for Canadian values and indeed for universal values and human rights at any occasion.”

Spring said she is confident Espinal would be released if Canada took a firm stand and demanded his freedom. “If Canada makes a statement regarding the release of a political prisoner in Saudi Arabia, it must do so for Edwin Espinal in Honduras, who is a very loved member of the Spring family of Elmvale, Ontario.”


Open Letter to the Canadian Government Officials by the Canadian Union of Public Employees

“Every person I speak to is appalled to learn of the blind eye that Canada has turned to [Honduras’] terrifying repression”

Keep pressure on U.S. and Canadian governments: Edwin Espinal –and all political prisoners in Honduras- must be released

Letter by Kevin Skerrett (CUPE, Canadian Union of Public Employees) to the Canadian government.

From: Kevin Skerrett, 2018 3:59 PM
Subject: Urgent message re political prisoners in Honduras

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ambassador James Hill
Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua

Dear Ambassador Hill,

I write today to join my voice to those of hundreds of others demanding the immediate release of Edwin Espinal from a Honduran prison, either with conditions pending trial, or (more fairly) with the immediate dropping of all charges.

The Canadian government must openly advocate for his immediate release if it is to continue to claim to be a defender of human and democratic rights.

From the information that has come to my attention, it is clear:
• that Edwin Espinal has been a target of regime repression and harassment, on multiple occasions, going back to 2009
• that the Honduran legal system has been used against him on numerous occasions as a tool of repression
• that Edwin’s jail living conditions, right now, are harmful and abusive, and a violation of multiple legal and human rights; and
• that his current punitive (and illegal) jailing is being used by the regime to send a message to other human rights and democracy defenders in the country.
I agree strongly with the concerns already communicated to you by the organization Rights Action. The Government of Canada’s policies and actions in Honduras are contradictory: on the one hand, Canada legitimized the 2009 military coup / regime change, and then – against all evidence – rubber-stamped three sets of fraudulent, violent elections since the coup, while turning a blind eye to the increasing rates of human rights violations, corruption and repression committed by the regime since then; on the other hand, Canada funds human rights organizations that are, sometimes, trying to address the violations and suffering caused by the regime.

I work as a Senior Research Officer for the Canadian Union of Public Employees, based in Ottawa. I am discussing the detention of Edwin Espinal and other political prisoners in Honduras with my colleagues at the CUPE National Office and across the labour movement. Every single person that I speak to about this issue is appalled to learn of the blind eye that Canada has turned to this terrifying repression. The information about this case, and about Canada’s role in Honduras, is growing by the week. It is urgent that these concerns and issues be immediately addressed.

I ask that you do everything in your power to secure Edwin’s immediate release and to keep us informed of your actions. Further, I urge that the Government of Canada withdraw all support for and recognition of the fraudulent election processes carried out since 2009, and to initiate a thoroughgoing review of Canada’s relationship with the current de factogovernment in Tegucigalpa.

Kevin Skerrett

Minister Chrystia Freeland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada,
Catherine McKenna, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, MP for Ottawa-Centre


Keep on writing
There is NO EXCUSE for the U.S. and Canada not to be advocating directly and relentlessly for the release of Edwin, and all political prisoners. Since the 2009 military coup, the U.S. and Canada’s unwavering support for the undemocratic, repressive and corrupt post-coup regimes continues to be part of the problem.

United States
Contact directly your elected Senators ( and Congress members ( and make your demands known to them.

Directly contact your Member of Parliament and make your demands known to them ( and ask them to write directly to:

Ambassador James Hill, Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua,,
Minister Chrystia Freeland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada,

Demands – short term
The U.S. and Canadian governments must:
• Do an about face and rescind their “legitimization” of the Nov. 26, 2017 elections
• Condemn the multiple acts of electoral fraud carried out by government of Juan Orlando Hernandez
• Condemn the repression including the killing of over 40 pro-democracy protesters, and the illegal detentions of dozens of political prisoners, including Edwin Espinal
• Suspend all economic, military and political relations with the government of Honduras, until the political / electoral crisis has been resolved and impartial justice processes are proceeded against the intellectual and material authors of the electoral fraud and stolen elections, and the endemic repression
Demands – medium term
There must be legislative inquiries in the U.S. and Canada into the causes of Honduras’ now endemic repression and exploitation, corruption and impunity, with specific focus on the role played by the U.S. and Canadian governments:
• In support of the 2009 military coup
• In support and legitimization of fraudulent and violent elections in 2009, 2013 and 2017
• In support (in the case of Canada) of the promoting and signing of the potentially illegitimate “Free Trade Agreement” with the government of Honduras; In support of the expansion of corporate investments in Honduras (mining, garment “sweatshop” industry, bananas, hydro-electric dams, tourism, African palm, etc.), while turning a blind eye to and – in effect – benefitting from repression, fraud, corruption and impunity.


from Springwater News…Edition 526 July 26, 2018

Six-month Anniversary of Edwin Espinal’s Unjust Incarceration:

Simcoe County Honduras Right Monitor Continues to Fight for His Freedom


On July 19, 2018, Edwin Espinal reached the six-month mark of his unjust incarceration in La Tolva maximum-security prison in Honduras. He was arrested for his peaceful opposition to the repressive government of Honduras, exercising his right to speak with a pro-democratic voice against the corrupt and illegal election of Juan Orlando Hernandez. This election occurred in November, 2017. Edwin has been a target of the Honduran regime due to his human rights work in his community in Tegucigalpa since 2009.


Edwin’s illegal incarceration has resulted in his health being compromised. The problems of the lack of water and food, and filthy, fly infested, unsanitary living conditions continue, despite voiced concerns from our community of Elmvale, demands to the Honduran government by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and an e-petition sponsored and circulated by Amnesty International Canada demanding Edwin’s release from prison. To date, the Canadian government has not issued a public statement to demand his release, despite our appeals for this to occur.


We appreciate concerned citizens of Canada to phone the Honduran Ambassador to Canada – Sofia Cerrato Rodriguez – to voice opposition to Edwin’s illegal incarceration and the Honduran government’s suppression of human rights. To date, Ms. Rodriguez has been unresponsive to emails, and has been indifferent to phone calls that she has received from concerned citizens. She has minimized the circumstances of Edwin’s incarceration, she has deflected the facts of the case by claiming ignorance, she has been indifferent. But it is important that we keep pressuring Honduran authorities, also Global Affairs Canada – Minister Chrystia Freeland and Prime Minister Trudeau – to seek a successful resolution to not only Edwin’s case but to all remaining political prisoners’ cases. They are suffering along with Edwin. We continue to demand a public statement from Minister Freeland, Global Affair, Canada.

SCRM Meeting July 2018

The Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor moves forward with further action to demand Edwin’s release and trumped up charges be dropped. We thank Adam Zimmerman, owner and operator of Datamax Outdoor Advertising, Canada, for assisting us in our campaign and being a champion of human rights in Honduras. Mr. Zimmerman has donated a Datamax highway billboard of our choice to assist our community in our advocacy for Edwin’s release and he has offered to help in any way he can. The billboard will be erected in the very near future. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to spread the word regarding the human rights abuses that are occurring in Honduras, an issue that has touched our Spring family member of Elmvale.


The Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor committee and the Spring family thank our federal politicians – MP Bruce Stanton and MP Alex Nuttall – and our local Springwater politicians who continue to be extremely supportive of our cause. We thank our community members who have banned together to advocate for Edwin’s release and to call for the upholding of human rights in Honduras. Many have made phone calls, sent emails and letters to government authorities.


We appeal to the community to continue to contact those in the Canadian and Honduran governments to act on Edwin’s behalf.  Edwin must be released. He was arrested without warrant, without due legal process, on false charges, his lawyers denied full legal files, yet he still awaits release from La Tolva prison after 6 months of inhumane treatment in deplorable living conditions.


We thank you all for your continued support. We will fight until we are achieve positive results.


Honduran Ambassador to Canada: Sofia Cerrato Rodriguez:

Telephone: 613-233-8900



Minister Chrystia Freeland

Telephone: 613-992-5234



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Telephone: 613-9924211



from Springwater News…Edition 525 July 12, 2018



I am writing to the very supportive community members of Springwater Township to express my mounting concerns regarding Edwin Espinal and to ask for your help in contacting the Government of Canada through Minister Freeland’s office.


We urge Minister Freeland’s office to make a public statement to demand Edwin Espinal’s release and to drop all charges. Our family is very worried about Edwin’s safety as well as his physical and mental state. We have been in contact with Minister Freeland’s office for this request, yet no action has occurred from the government of Canada to date.


Family members and friends have also tried to contact the Honduran Ambassador to Canada, Sofia Cerrato Rodriguez, yet she does not respond to emails and rarely answers her phone calls.


For two weeks, we had not received any word regarding Edwin, which concerned us. Was he ill? Was he alive? Had he been transferred to another prison without our knowledge? His three lawyers working on his case were denied access to him; they had traveled to La Tolva Prison three times and were told by the guards and the director himself that they had come on the “wrong day,” even though they had arrived to visit him on the days scheduled for legal visits. This made us very worried. Finally, Edwin’s lawyer was granted entry last Thursday, but was not allowed to bring any legal documents in with her. She is never able to meet with him alone to discuss his ‘case.’ There are no lawyer/client privileges.


In Honduras, the legal system is wrought with corruption. The judicial system fails the innocent yet protects the corrupt members of the Hernandez regime. Government officials act with impunity. They are above the law. Most of the prisoners in La Tolva maximum-security prison have been denied due legal process, held without evidence, and often without proper legal counsel, awaiting ‘trial’ for a period of 2.5 years. When that time is up, they will not get a fair trial.


Prison authorities are able to impose new ‘rules’ on a whim. Families have no legal rights or recourse to question the broken system that bans them from visiting family members. They are bullied. They are terrorized. They are scared to question the ‘rules’ and restrictions and to speak out.


Another grave concern is that the phone system is still off in the prison; prisoners have not been able to have phone contact with families since April 4th. Families must physically travel to the prison and are unable to visit loved ones unless they have purchased visitor permits and have received them. Some members of Edwin’s family are still waiting for their permits. Then families must make that horrible trip to La Tolva, which is at least a 2-hour drive each way from Tegucigalpa, as it is in the middle of nowhere. Their visits are at the whim of the prison officials. Many times, they are turned away. This is totally unacceptable and breaks all international human rights laws on visitation rights.


On top of the deplorable political prisoner situation in Honduras, I am totally horrified and dismayed at the continual reporting of the great number of money laundering, drug trafficking, and legal scandals that the government of Juan Orlando Hernandez has been involved in – his court appointees, his Ministers, and himself, since he illegally took office back in 2014. I feel that Hondurans have been totally robbed of any chance for a decent life in their country, which accounts for the very upsetting migration and separation of families at the US border, further sparked by the aftermath of the disgusting, illegal ‘zero tolerance law’ brought in by the Trump administration. It seems that Honduran jails need to be emptied to make room for corrupt government officials who are breaking the law both in the US and Honduras. I truly feel there is not enough space in these maximum-security prisons to house them all.


I am becoming more frustrated and disgusted as time moves on and can only imagine how devastated the Honduran population is regarding this government corruption in the country. I can’t imagine the upset and despair of those who have emigrated from Honduras (the very fortunate ones) to move for a better life elsewhere as they listen to how the state of affairs in their home country is worsening and impacting family members who may still live there.


I would greatly appreciate you making a call to Minister Freeland’s office or emailing her staff to DEMAND THAT CANADA MAKE A PUBLIC STATEMENT TO FREE EDWIN ESPINAL AND OTHERS AND TO DROP ALL CHARGES. I ask you to also call or email SOFIA CERRATO RODRIGUEZ – HONDURAN AMBASSADOR TO CANADA to make the same demand for their freedom.


Amnesty Canada has published an e-action to demand Edwin Espinal’s freedom and the dropping of all charges. Please help us and sign this e-petition and pass it to others. This may be retrieved at:


We are fretting about Edwin’s safety. Furthermore, Edwin and Raul Alvarez (also in La Tolva on the same charges) should not even be in this maximum-security military prison. Their rights have been completely violated; their detention is illegal, charges are trumped-up, breaking all international human rights and legal rights standards.


We need Canada to make a stand to demand their freedom now. Please help!

Minister Chrystia Freeland:


Ambassador Sofia Cerrato Rodriguez:




I thank you for your continued support and for all the comforting words you have given our family.


Janet Spring




edwin peace sign cropped KP

Read: Courage, Protest and a man named Edwin

Amnesty International

Amnesty International and Amnesty International Canada announcements.

Sign the call for immediate release of Edwin Espinal and all political prisoners.



Signup at link below. Support signing sent to Attorney General Honduras and to  Chrystia Freeland.

Canada statement


Sunday June 24 5 pm Potluck/Information Meeting


Update – Simcoe County delegates return from Honduras, demand political prisoners’ release

 By AWARE Simcoe


The Fight to Get Karen Spring into Honduran Prison

by Rabble

Karen Spring La Tolva Prison Honduras

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Report on the Simcoe County Honduras Right Monitor Delegation to Honduras

Ben Prowess-Honduras Delegation Day 6: The conclusion.

Today the members of the official delegation departed for Canada and the United States. Last night, reflecting upon our work, we felt that we had actually accomplished a lot for such a short trip.

We had meetings with the Canadian and US embassies, with the UN, and with different Honduran government officials. More importantly, with the help of local lawyers, media, and activists, we were able to gain access to visit the jail where political prisoner Edwin Espinal is being held – despite heavy resistance from the government. We also got to meet with the family of Berta Caceres, who urged us on in our work.

And we know that the work will not stop. Karen and I are staying in the country longer. We will be attempting to organize meetings in DC and Ottawa. We will keep trying to get Edwin out of jail, and charges dropped for all political prisoners. And we will be back.


Ben Powless-Honduras Delegation – Day 5. (Day 4 was spent just meeting with embassies and the UN) We travelled the night before to La Esperanza, hometown of murdered Indigenous leader Berta Caceres.

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