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Updated June 27, 2018

Amnesty International

Amnesty International and Amnesty International Canada announcements.

Sign the call for immediate release of Edwin Espinal and all political prisoners.



Signup at link below. Support signing sent to Attorney General Honduras and to  Chrystia Freeland.

Canada statement


Sunday June 24 5 pm Potluck/Information Meeting


Update – Simcoe County delegates return from Honduras, demand political prisoners’ release

 By AWARE Simcoe


The Fight to Get Karen Spring into Honduran Prison

by Rabble

Karen Spring La Tolva Prison Honduras

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Report on the Simcoe County Honduras Right Monitor Delegation to Honduras

Ben Prowess-Honduras Delegation Day 6: The conclusion.

Today the members of the official delegation departed for Canada and the United States. Last night, reflecting upon our work, we felt that we had actually accomplished a lot for such a short trip.

We had meetings with the Canadian and US embassies, with the UN, and with different Honduran government officials. More importantly, with the help of local lawyers, media, and activists, we were able to gain access to visit the jail where political prisoner Edwin Espinal is being held – despite heavy resistance from the government. We also got to meet with the family of Berta Caceres, who urged us on in our work.

And we know that the work will not stop. Karen and I are staying in the country longer. We will be attempting to organize meetings in DC and Ottawa. We will keep trying to get Edwin out of jail, and charges dropped for all political prisoners. And we will be back.


Ben Powless-Honduras Delegation – Day 5. (Day 4 was spent just meeting with embassies and the UN) We travelled the night before to La Esperanza, hometown of murdered Indigenous leader Berta Caceres.

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