Honduras Elections Update

ELMVALE ONTARIO – November 29, 2021 – The Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor Committee is pleased to report that the November 28 2021 election in Honduras so far has been carried out in a responsible and just manner. We trust that the subsequent vote tabulation will be transparent, fair, and lawful.

According to the latest election results as of noon today, Libre Party candidate Xiomara Castro, running in opposition to the National and Liberal parties, is strongly leading in the polls. These early results favour her victory; record-breaking numbers of Hondurans went to the polls to endorse her as their future President. Tabulations show that Xiomara Castro has a 20-percentage point lead, with 54% of votes over Nasry Asfura, the National Party candidate who has 34%. Castro will be the first woman President of Honduras.

The Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor trusts that the Canadian and United States governments respect the rights of the Honduran people to choose their government freely. We will continue to monitor the vote tally and verification process to the end.

Janet Spring, Kate Harries, Christine Nugent and Meg Jordan for the Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor

Libre Party candidate Xiomara Castro is leading the polls. 11/29


Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado, a lawyer by profession, has been identified by various national and international sources as a politician who climbed the ladder to reach the highest office of the State with the support of various leaders of organized crime, especially drug traffickers.

As president of the National Congress between 2010-2014, Juan Orlando Hernández was able to consolidate the most solid organized crime structures in the history of the country, while in this same period the largest number of concessions were granted to extractive companies, and when the Model Cities, which were called ZEDES, were approved overriding the Constitution of the Republic. If you want to know the traces of his personal and family commitment to each of the existing criminal networks in the country, it is worth taking a walk through this period from 2010 to 2014.

According to well-informed sources, once he consolidated control of state institutions and their ties to organized crime, Juan Orlando Hernandez, as president of the Republic, would seek absolute control of criminal networks, without competitors. To this end, he served as a DEA informant to hand over several opponent drug leaders as part of his plan. But when he was at the highest level, U.S. government intelligence was on his heels, because he handed over information about drug traffickers, but kept rigorously silent about his brother Tony Hernandez.

Juan Orlando Hernandez’s peak period corresponds directly with his brother Tony’s rise as one of the biggest exporters of drugs to the United States. And it was the achievement of his older sister, Hilda Hernandez, who became since 2010 a fund administrator, or money manager, in the government of Pepe Lobo, and from 2014 in charge of managing and allocating all the money of the national budget of the Republic, and the control of public relations, from her position as head of the communication strategy of the Presidential House. That was until her mysterious “accidental” death. 

Juan Orlando’s continuity in power from the State is not only a matter of political ambition: it is a matter of life or death. And it is the same fate waiting for his family and his closest collaborators. Senior officers of the National Police and the Armed Forces, the president of the National Congress and his deputies, the Magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Attorney General of the State, most of his ministers, several media and about 80 journalists, the highest members of the National Party, some of the most renowned evangelical pastors and some members known as representatives of civil society, need to wrap themselves around the power accumulated by Juan Orlando Hernandez to survive in the near future.

As president, Juan Orlando Hernández makes decisions strictly according to his convenience, because just as he negotiated with the OAS the installation of the MACCIH (independent International investigators of corruption) to neutralize the social pressure against him, he also negotiated with the Secretary General of the OAS to suspend that contract, when the MACCIH became a threat to his illicit businesses and those of his collaborators.

In the trials of his brother Tony and other drug traffickers in the New York court, his name has come up dozens of times, and many believe that if it were not for U.S. protocol to respect the investiture of the president of the Republic, indictments and extradition orders would have already been filed against him.

Juan Orlando Hernandez is formally president of Honduras, but the power he holds makes him president of the criminal elite, and he operates through the National Party, which has become a mafia structure. His essential objective is to avoid being captured and extradited to US justice. He has no other office beyond this one. And he will do whatever he has to do, as is the phrase that has accompanied him throughout at least the last eight years, to avoid that inevitability. And he has no other option, because he knows that the gringos are on his heels.

Juan Orlando Hernández managed to convince his brother to keep from “singing”. If Tony had opened his mouth, he would have received a reduced sentence, but that would put his brother’s head on a platter.  Remaining silent he was guaranteed the maximum sentence, but his brother would be protected. Juan Orlando Hernández managed to silence his brother. Tony Hernández is in prison for life, and Juan Orlando Hernández continues to protect himself at the cost of handing over the weakest links in his network of criminals.

Juan Orlando Hernández is alive only to save his own life, to save his power and status, and he will not care at all about annihilating, sinking, disappearing, discrediting those who cross his path, and to negotiate, bribe, buy whoever is necessary if he can achieve that“ goal. A person like him, with all his feelings turned on himself, ends up being a person without remorse, without feelings of guilt and without suffering for the pain of others. He is insensitive to what he sees and hears, because he thinks only of himself. There is no family member with any worth, much less friendships, because everything revolves around how it will go for him and from this perspective he treats others.

Juan Orlando Hernandez leaves a trail of victims, many of them tinged with blood and accumulated revenge. He leaves a Narco State that will take a long time to rebuild itself as a State based on a rule of law, with an institutionality where justice and respect for human rights work, and with opportunities open to more people than just those who benefited from the narco dictatorship. It leaves a long, long way to go to recover an environment marked with humanity, dignity and reliable institutionality

Source…in Spanish https://radioprogresohn.net/portada/juan-orlando-hernandez-de-profesional-mafioso-a-constructor-de-un-narco-estado/

Honduras Update

From Springwater News October 28, 2021

Honduras Update
Trial Update for Edwin Espinal and Raul Alvarez
November 28, 2021, Election is Looming in Honduras

On September 17, 2021, Edwin Espinal and Raul Alvarez were acquitted of all trumped up charges. In the courtroom in Tegucigalpa, as the verdict was read, there were tears of joy shed and cheer from inside and outside the courtroom.

However, we still await the final reading of the verdict, which according to Honduran law is supposed to occur seven days after the court decision. But this has not happened, despite the lead lawyers visiting the court and requesting that the decision be published. After this publication, the prosecution has twenty days to appeal.

Edwin, Raul, their families, and the international human rights organizations are getting impatient. To apply for a Canadian visitor visa to come to Canada, this finalization of the verdict must occur. As soon as this happens, MP Doug Shipley will be able to help us with the process. Hopefully this will occur in time for Christmas festivities in December. (See photo attached below, courtesy of Karen Spring).

Every four years on November 28, a country-wide election occurs where Hondurans elect a new president, municipal authorities, and congressional representatives. In our next article we will be reporting on this election, which is occurring during a very tumultuous time for the people of Honduras. We hope to also have further information available on Edwin and Raul’s trial finalization.

Thank you for your support of our work in Honduras, which you can also follow on our Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor website at: simcoecountyhondurasrightsmonitor.wordpress.com

Janet Spring, Christine Nugent, Kate Harries, and Meg Jordan for the SCHRM Committee